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In my daily use of several Linux systems and computer systems in general, I keep referring to the same mans, infos, READMEs, HOWTOs and FAQs over and over again.

That's why I decided to write this set of pages: small extracts and notes from various sources, notes-to-self and recipes.

It seemed logical to share them over the Internet, and so here they are.

This pages aren't written in fire bolts on stone, I keep tinkering with them, and would appreciate corrections and additions. There are probably many spelling and grammar errors, as English is not my native language. I'd also like to have these pages in various languages... as much as Linux and Open Source documentation can (or should) be translated. Therefore, feel free to email me at lnb@binarios.com. Please don't send diffs, I'd rather have a complete corrected page and integrate it on the collection. Also, do not worry about formatting, I'll take care of it.

I almost always use a home-brewed GNU/Linux distribution, and compile the sources of most packages. So, sometimes the instructions here aren't applicable to other distributions or implementations. Again, if you find something that does not work on your case, do let me know, preferably with the solution.

The software used to elaborate the notebooks is listed below. I think that there is no version specific stuff:

The structure of this notebooks is very simple: they all reside in a single directory, and are re-indexed by a small Perl hack (included, it *is* a hack and it shows). I tried not to use browser specific constructs, but given that for professional reasons I (damn!) have to use IE, there are possibly some features that crept in. Please let me know if that is the case, but do suggest changes. At the time of writing, I do try to work with Mozilla (it being an all around much better browser than IE).

I'll keep the URL stable, as much as possible, so usually you just have to download

LNB-current.tgz (slides excluded)
LNB-current-big.tgz (slides included)

to keep up to date. The last version (linked to the above) is

LNB-2005.11.02.tgz (slides excluded, 327 kB)
LNB-big-2005.11.02.tgz (slides included, 1507 kB)

Extract it as-is to a suitable directory, and optionally run 00indexer.pl. Note that the pages are always time-stamped as from the last 00indexer.pl run, and so the date of the distribution file should give a clue to changes. Also, make sure that the directory you use is reserved for the notebooks... 00indexer.pl will destroy your files if you don't. BTW, the 00s on the name are intended to make it show first on directory listings, the name can be changed to whatever you like. Of course, the perl path for your system must appear on the first line of 00indexer.pl. The other above mentioned packages must also exist and be accessible by the $PATH. The intro.html file may require adjustments to the paths mentioned in [ ]... you'll spot it.

You can do whatever you like with this work, except sell printed versions for money. I haven't voluntarily breached any copyrights that I know of, but if you find it to be the case do let me know. I also waive any responsibility for the use of this work, caveat emptor.

Here are some email addresses related to these pages:

lnb@binarios.com suggestion, correction and collaboration mailbox
For any suggestions, corrections or contributions, email lnb@binarios.com

And that's it.



date changes
  • Corrected dangling link in bash section
  • Reformated perl section, also added some more idioms
  • Added Palletes to the HTML section, including Web Safe palletes, the W3C standard color names and the X11 standard color names
  • Added some syntax details to C section
  • Removed stale ezmlm link
  • Removed stale Awk link
  • Reordered the Index
  • Trivial corrections to Intro
  • Small corrections to 00indexer.pl
  • Corrected fetchmail's home page URL
  • Removed reference to the lnb-maillists, not enough subscribers
  • Removed bad reference to computer peripherals snippet
  • Removed reference to ispell, not being used at the moment
  • Modified 00indexer.pl to clean the ChangeLog somewhat
  • Corrected Rectangles entry in Emacs
  • Added a Computer peripherals snippet
  • Started a Math reference section
  • Introduced links to RFCs in many pages
  • Removed stale link from Qmail section
  • Format changes in various places
  • Added Resistor color codes to the Hardware section
  • Added file system rules to the System section
  • Added a qmail note about the trigger pipe, and updated the links in this section
  • More CSS
  • Added a series of slides (graphics intensive!) from some TCP/IP lessons I gave
  • Changed 00indexer.pl a bit, to allow for the two different archive sizes. The basic Linux Notebook is now about 1.3 MB (211 kB gzipped), the extended version including slides is about 3.15 MB (1.6 MB gzipped)
  • Added a new section to the intro, linking to the more recent changes
  • Added a reference to wildcards in djbdns
  • Rewrote 00indexer.pl, removing framed version of pages and changing the Index of tables a bit, also some changes to the style sheet
  • Added date-stamped version of the archive, to make it easier to detect changes
  • Added references to snippets that will be integrated in future versions, but that are not "production" quality yet
  • Small correction to Software Versions page
  • More typos corrected
  • Too many changes and additions to list
  • Added a section with some theory regarding network security and setup, to be expanded later
  • Added information about control files for ezmlm
  • Half hearted attempt at ispell, some minor typos corrected


These are snippets waiting for being integrated in the text, caveat emptor:

Areas to be worked on

These are the areas that I intend to address in upcoming versions, any help appreciated:

Last update: Wed, 2 Nov 2005 10:16:21 GMT