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How to check for various software versions

Software Command to find version
Linux kernel cat /proc/version
IP firewall ipfwadm -h
IP forwarding in kernel Implemented if grep ip_forward /proc/ksyms finds anything
Also (in later kernels) check /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward, which must be 1 for forwarding to work
modules insmod -V
NFS showmount --version
apache httpd -v
GNU autoconf autoconf --version
GNU automake automake --version
GNU bash bash --version
GNU bc bc --version
binutils ld -v
bison bison --version
bzip2 bzip2 --help
diff diff --version
dynamic linker (ld.so) ldd -v
emacs emacs --version
fileutils cp --version
exim exim -bV Thanks to Funk Gabor
find find --version
flex flex --version
gcc gcc --version
grep grep --version
gzip gzip --version
less less --version
libc ls -l /lib/libc.so.*
lynx lynx -version
make make --version
man man --version
mc (Midnight Commander) mc --version
mirrordir mirrordir --version
mount mount --version
ncurses ls -l /lib/libncurses.*
net-tools hostname -V
patch patch --version
perl perl -v
procps ps --version
samba smbd -V
sed sed --version
sh-utils basename --v
tar tar --version
termcap ls -l /lib/libtermcap.so.*
wget wget --version
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