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fetchmail typical use

To poll a remote POP3 server and pick up all mail to a user, create a file /~.fetchmailrc as per the following example. Note that /~.fetchmailrc must be chown auser.auser and chmod 600.

poll mail.pop3server.com proto pop3 username popuser password passwd is auser here smtpaddress mail.thisserver.domain


Key Replaced by
mail.pop3server.com the remote pop server
popuser the user's remote account name
passwd the user's remote account password
auser the local user name
mail.thisserver.domain the local mail server

Then add the following entry to /etc/crontab:

# (minutes)  (hours)  (day of month)  (month)  (   day of week    )  (username)  (command)
# ( 0-59  )  ( 0-23)  (    1-31    )  ( 1-12)  (0-7, 0 or 7 is Sun)
0 17 * * *  auser  fetchmail

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